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February 29 2016


New Industrial Strength Plastic Blade

The makers of Scraperite plastic razor blades announce their fresh industrial strength scraper. This new tougher materials are more resistant to breakage and wear.safe scraper

For anyone applications where metal is unnecessary or would cause harm, the new Black Industrial double-edged blades from Scraperite are a great choice. Designed for use in industrial and trade applications where repeated heavy usage is common. They are ideal for scraping off adhesives, sealants along with other unwanted substances from hard surfaces. A must have safety scraper tool for each professional’s toolbox.

This is a professional tool to help you get the job done safely and efficiently. Premade disposable blades fit most traditional single edge metal blade holder a treadmill of two holders created by the company. Current packaging includes 100 packed blades an additional option with 2 blades the other 6 inch long holder. The expense of these recyclable products is in accordance with metal blades.

“It just keeps its edge longer”, says the maker.

Whether you are a professional or perhaps enthusiast, Scraperite blades are a fantastic blade for whatever your use could possibly be. Order now and experience the difference. https://plasticblades.com safe scraper

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